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Throughout the years, we  served our customers by providing the highest quality medical products. We are committed to manufacture and distribute internationally recognized medical disposable products to achieve highest customer satisfaction through Safe, Hygienic and Environmental Hazardous free products.
Our manufacturing facilities have been recognized and registered by SGS United Kingdom Ltd. as utilizing a Quality System which complies with ISO 13485:2003, ISO9001:2008 and had been awarded CE mark for exporting disposable medical devices to the European Community.

We committed to arrange delivery ahead of customer’s requested delivery date. Moreover, we emphasizes on customer’s feedback and progress with continuous improvement by providing competency training to the staffs. The Company is actively involved in Research & Development and focuses on introduction of new products to cater the on going market of medical disposable products.

The medical disposable products such as Suction Connecting Tubes, Oxygen Tubes, Drainage Tube, Amniotic Perforators, Insufflations Tube, Insufflations Filter, Infusion Tubing, Extension Tubing, Pressure Tubing, Veress Needle, Laparoscopic Suction Irrigation with Trumpet Valves sets and Medicine Measures such as Kidney Dishes, Pill Cups, Conical Measures, Gallipots and Feeding Cups. we also make custom made medical devices as required by customers.

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